I Am.

I am...in love with this film.

Last night I finally watched a documentary that has been on my to-watch list for weeks. It is called "I Am", a fascinating film about humans and life and the world and the universe that will blow your mind and leave you thinking in a whole new way. 

If you have Netflix and 77 minutes to spare, I strongly encourage you to check out this documentary! Or at least click here to watch the trailer. 

Quantum physics is a fascinating realm of science that is exploding with need-to-know information about our planet and ourselves. It is terrifying how much damage we have done to our planet, and all because we don't understand it. If our species is going to survive, we need to carefully consider these details and change our behavioural patterns accordingly.

This is a topic I often worry about. Usually I believe worrying is futile, but pondering how we can improve the state of our society and planet is something that I feel deserves some airtime. I am acutely aware of how my children and grandchildren have no choice but to create a global shift significant enough that it will effectively un-do all of the harm we have done to the planet and each other. The fantastic news is that science is catching up, and our generation is paving the way, and a shift is so close I can taste it! But it will take decades of education, consciousness and re-training to turn the tides and create a more peaceful, loving, united planet.  

I cannot say enough about this film. It hits so close to home and discusses many things I care very deeply about. It touches on so many important aspects of true humanity and relating to other human beings, animals, nature, and our planet. It discusses how humans are hard wired to show love, support and compassion to one another. It shows that human kind is suffering because these attributes are not being cultivated - in fact the opposite traits are. Humankind is not inherently competitive, materialistic or cruel. It has been moulded to behave this way after years of deliberate conditioning. In its natural balanced state, humankind is collaborative, democratic, and kind. And if we lead with these qualities, our species' existence will be long and prosperous. 

This film demonstrates a fascinating experiment (using yogurt?!) to prove that each. and. every. person's emotional and energetic patterns have a *significant* impact on the entire planet's emotional and energetic state. Fascinating stuff.

"I Am" is a documentary you cannot afford to miss. If you are a human being living on planet Earth, this film applies to you and will shed some light on the path we must follow in order to create an existence in harmony with the planet and one another - if not for ourselves, then for our children.