NDtv does Adrenal Support

All Hail the Adrenal Glands! 

Episode 3: NDtv does Adrenal Support 

Adrenal health is all too often neglected, but it's not your fault! Unless you have an ND or are otherwise educated on this "alternative" aspect of health, you have likely never heard of these vitally important little guys. They play a role in balancing countless bodily processes, but their super cool claim to fame is housing the body's JET FUEL that saves your butt in emergency situations. To ensure they are in tip-top shape when that saber-toothed tiger appears, we need to take good care of our adrenal glands every single day.

Watch today's videos to learn all about: 

Part 1) The effects of stress

Part 2) Adrenal Fatigue

Part 3) Supporting the Adrenals