NDtv does Thyroid: Round II

Small but mighty! 

NDtv does the Thyroid: Testing & Treatments

This is one of my very favourite episodes I've ever done of NDtv! Not sure what is so special about it, except that I find it super duper interesting. And useful! The information I provide in this episode is top-notch inside scoop that you would get sitting directly across from an ND in-office. 

During part I of this episode, we discussed the importance of the Thyroid gland and what happens when it gets thrown out of whack. This week's episode is a continuation of that information, and will give you a deeper understanding of how to test your Thyroid (both in the lab and at home!) and how to support and treat it if it is under-functioning. 

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Let me know: have you have ever treated your Thyroid naturally? And did you do my "quick & dirty" at-home iodine test? If so, what were your results?