NDtv does Thyroid: Round I

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NDtv does the Thyroid: Anatomy, Physiology & Symptoms

Clinical Thyroid imbalance - usually under-activity, or Hypothyroidism - is very common in today's population. And if you consider the sub-clinical or borderline Hypothyroid cases, the commonality skyrockets. It's sometimes tricky to pinpoint because the symptoms can be vague, low-grade, slow-onset, and generalized. But once you identify it as a Thyroid concern and make the necessary changes, patients' health does a 180. 

Patients have told me it feels like a switch has been turned ON once their Thyroid regulates with some Naturopathic re-balancing. It is a super important gland to have functioning optimally, because it plays a role in so many central processes of the body like metabolism, body temperature and digestion. 

Today's episode covers the basics of Thyroid health: What is the Thyroid? What symptoms of imbalance should you look for? And what are some causes of imbalance you can avoid or tweak? 

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Let me know if you have ever struggled with Thyroid health, and what you did to rectify the situation. How did you feel then & now?