Water. Is. Everything. 

It quenches, cools, and keeps us alive. 

The splash pad near our home opened up for the summer today, so I took my little guy for a play at the park, picnic lunch and of course: a cruise through the sprinklers. And he had a frickin' blast. 

Going to the splash pad might just be his favourite thing to do. It wasn't even a scorcher out today, but he just LOVES it so much. So day 1, we were the crazies out there running through the freezing cold sprinklers. 

The sheer j-o-y water brings him is contagious. 

And as soon as I finish writing this email, I plan to head outside and do some labour prep reading with a big cold glass of water + lime. Amazing! 

We all know I'm a huge water cheerleader - it's so so so important for the proper functioning and detoxification of literally all organs and elimination pathways in our bodies. 

Especially this time of year, staying hydrated is always of numero uno importance. 

But water is also a straight up necessity of life. One of the very basics. One that we most likely all take for granted every day because it's so commonplace:

  • Letting the water run while you brush your teeth, do the dishes, get ready to get into the shower, etc
  • Watering our lawns or swimming in our pools
  • Those sensor toilets in public washrooms that flush multiple times as you move around the stall (HUGE pet peeve) 
  • Enjoying a beautiful, refreshing afternoon at the splash pad with our little ones.

It's like breathing to us - accessing water is so effortless it's hardly even noticeable. 

I recently watched a short interview about water that has touched me, so I want to share it with you. It has increased my awareness about water, and got me pumped up about getting in on the world water game. 

Wondering what I mean? Check out the *life changing* interview (posted below) that Marie Forleo has with Scott Harrison, all about his amazing work: Charity: Water

This interview has not only made me to be more mindful of how I use and respect water in my daily life, it has also inspired me to donate. 

I have decided to make Charity: Water one of the charities I donate to on a regular basis with a portion of the proceeds from my business. Giving back is so important for the soul, and it makes mine happy to donate to this big, ambitious, amazing cause. 

I will also be donating my birthday this year as well which is so exciting! Huh? Watch the interview for details...

I hope one day my son can appreciate how fortunate he is to have this lifesaving amenity at his fingertips every single day. Until he does, I will do enough appreciating for the both of us.