Holiday gift inspiration.

Seasons Greetings to you and yours! 

I want to take this opportunity to send you all my warmest, most heartfelt holiday wishes. This is truly a magical time of year! I have had an year in this new adventure I am on! It has really turned the tide of my life and I look forward to an even more 2015 with all of you! 

There is nothing like a new year to bring about positive change. I really think new years resolutions have got a bad wrap! Of course this time of year is magical for children, but it's also very joyful with anticipation and wonder for adults! This is the time of year when we all look forward at a fresh, new year and project some love toward it. And do a little daydreaming about the possibilities that are out there for us to actualize. And make some lifestyle tweaks that can help us achieve a new found set of goals. 

What other time of year do we take (/find!) the time to really assess our life this way? When else do we have such perspective and gratitude about all we have? When else do we make a joined concerted effort to improve our lifestyle habits? 

I look forward to new years resolutions! This year for example, mine are to walk my dogs more often (but so hard when it's soooo coldddd. wait! no more excuses!!) and also improve my understanding of money. Those are great goals! And I have started the process already, getting myself set up with the tools I will need to succeed.

This week between Christmas and New Years, I encourage you to take some time to make a goal or two for the new year, and then set some things in motion to keep you accountable and motivated. 

For example:

- if your health is a priority for your 2015 resolution, one action step you might take would be to purchase my shiny new Smoothie guide HERE.

- if finances are a priority for your new year, buy this amazing book HERE (I did, and I am so so so excited to read it! Also I am so excited to support Tony Robbins with this book because he has donated all of the proceeds to feeding hungry people. Watch the full interview HERE).

- if reconnecting and improving relationships is a priority, phone up a friend right now and set up a coffee date for the new year. Like set the day, time and location - firm things up so there's no loose ends. Set an intention and then create clear a path in your life for it to happen. 

No matter your plans and goals for the new year, I hope you find time to relax and enjoy each others' company over the holidays. That really is what the magic is all about. When else do our hearts shine so bright? Take advantage of it. Soak it up and let it fuel your amazing transition into 2015! 

NDtv will be back with new episodes on January 6th :)