Pregnancy Supplements you need, delivered right to your door.

For the most part, lower quality supplements are poorly digested and not bioavailable - meaning your body can't use them. If you don't have a reliable health food store with quality professional products, buying supplements can be a huge waste of money. 

Online supplements make it easy & safe for you to reach peak health during your pregnancy, which supports a healthy normal labour. 

So, I am hooking you up with my professional supplement online store. 

Just create an account with Fullscript, go to Product Catalogue, find my catalogue called "Love Your Labour" and peruse the virtual aisles of my very own Brownroots Baby Health food Store with my favourite options for each product. 

Select what you like, check out & you're done! 

Now just sit back and wait to get your package in the mail! Who doesn't love getting mail :) 

* Currently only available for Canadian customers