Your Survival Kit needs 3 things: 

Item #1: A weekly meal organizer

True health involves many things, but includes a strong foundation of healthy, balanced, clean eating. Food is the fuel, the fire, the sustenance that our minds and bodies are powered by. We are what we eat, and yet diet is one of the most difficult things for people to change. It's even more difficult if you don't know the ropes and you don't have the tools. 

Poor eating results from lack of planning and preparation. Most of us know what we should eat, but life just gets away from us. Use your meal planner (#1 below) to take back control and map out your week. Plan out who's got what going on when, and what dinner will work best (time/energy wise) for that night. Do you need leftovers for lunch tomorrow? Map it all out and get it down on paper. And then getting home to cook dinner is a no brainer...ahhhh....

(And of course, if you already have a system that works for organizing your family's meals, keep rocking it!)

Need some recipe resources to freshen up your weekly menu? Here are some of my faves!

Item #2: A grocery list

Now take the meal planner and make a list for everything you'll need to create those meals. Having to stop at the grocery store after work may be enough to derail your whole dinner motivation and magnetically pull you into a drive-thru. Use your grocery list (#2 below) to reliably keep your pantry and crisper stocked for the week. 

When healthy meals are planned and prepared for, they are significantly more likely to happen! 

3) An accountability chart

I anticipate there will be a few new habits and health goals you will want to implement and achieve over our time together. That's where the Accountability Chart is a life saver!

Sometimes we want to change a habit that's not working for us anymore. Some people are amazing - set their minds to it and it's locked in and engaged, and they have the wherewithal to stick to their guns. 

But that's not me. I have new habits all planned out with the best intentions...but then I honest to goodness just forget. Or, honestly, get lazy. Life is busy, I get distracted, it gets overlooked, and then a week later I remember I was supposed to do that new healthy habit. To avoid this vicious cycle, I started implementing an Accountability Chart.

Whether it's going to bed a little earlier, remembering to floss my teeth, having a daily smoothie, meditating almost every day, an accountability chart helps me a) stay accountable to myself, b) keep track of my progress and c) remember what the heck my goals are in the first place! Whatever your health or life goal, my advice is get serious and follow these two steps for keeping goals:

  • Make it Manageable

    • I am a firm believer that small, consistent action can bring about massive change. If we make small, manageable tweaks to our life, the effect is cumulative and long lasting. In my opinion, for goals to be attainable they need to be manageable. If I were to suddenly decide to hit the gym 3x per day, that goal would not be manageable for me. Between being a full time mom and a full time entrepreneur, 3+hrs at the gym each day would not be an effective or enjoyable use of my time.  Make it something you can feasibly fit into your life right now, or else leave it for a later goal. Stretching yourself too thin or feeling guilty over "failing" to implement a new goal is not the intention!

  • Make it Visible

    • There's no chance you're going to legitimately forget to implement your new health habit if it's in your face, all-up-in-your-grill VISIBLE. Plastered on the wall across from the toilet, on your desk at work, or on the fridge. Really being committed to change means setting yourself up for success.

This is where the Accountability Chart comes in (#3 below). Along the left hand column, write the goal you want to implement (stretch, drink water, meditate, etc). Along the top is a series of days. Each day, check off the items you successfully completed!

Do not underestimate the power of feeling committed to a goal and empowered to achieve it.

Stay accountable to yourself. Make the changes, see the changes, feel the changes. Go YOU!