"She was a coach to not only me but to my husband too"

This was one of the most beautiful and peaceful births I have ever attended. Total birth goddess rockstar. I love this family! 

One of the greatest things in my life was finding out that I was pregnant. As soon as I went to my first prenatal appointment and doing my own research about giving birth- I knew that I wanted to do everything possible to have a natural delivery on my own. I immediately called Corinne Brown, who was instrumental throughout the entire process. We spoke on the phone, had routine appointments and received herbs & acupuncture to help prepare me for labour.

Having a naturopath who was also my doula was something that I would not change and will repeat again for my next pregnancy. We were able to have acupuncture treatments, and used moxibustion to induce labour.

Once I felt contractions start, my husband called Corinne and she immediately came to my house. She was a coach to not only me but to my husband too. She offered him techniques to reduce my pain during each contraction. That made him more comfortable to fully take part in our birthing experience.  She had me doing stairs and squats, and was ensuring that I was eating small snacks.

Delivering my baby naturally was my goal. I knew with the support of Corinne and my husband that anything was possible. Corinne showed me how to position my pelvis while labouring to help baby move down. She showed me how to breath when pushing to make the most of my efforts. She helped me to concentrate.

My husband was on the left holding my hand and Corinne was on my right with the other hand. Both encouraging and helping me....and then I did it! My daughter was born ... Naturally and with the support and help from my wonderful doula and husband.

- Andrea