"Dr Corinne is a very kind and loving ND!"

Eryn, my patient-turned-friend, just gave birth to her 3rd baby, and she still consulted with me about her labour! I love assisting women in labour & birth however I can. 

Dr Corinne is a very kind and loving ND. She has a vast amount of knowledge about pregnancy, birth, and the health and wellness of children & families.

She treated me while I was pregnant in my third trimester with my second baby. Then after the baby came (with her help), she treated my two children as well: a 2yr old and a newborn! Even though I often felt overwhelmed and crazy bringing both my children to her office, she made me feel totally comfortable and welcome.

Dr Corinne shares her knowledge with clients and provides very clear and thorough directions  about treatments and how & why they will benefit you. I also thoroughly enjoy how she incorporated foods as part of her treatment plans.

- Eryn