After 1 week on Corinne's treatment, we conceived our baby that month!

Seeing women miscarry is almost more than I can bear. Especially when the solution is often simple, as was the case here. So happy that I could help this beautiful little family welcome another little girl :) 

Having irregular cycles made it slightly more difficult to conceive our second child. When our family doctor wouldn't even discuss the possibility of abnormal hormone levels until I had another miscarriage (or two), I turned to Corinne.

Because I had already had one healthy baby, doctors seemed to scoff off my concerns (having two miscarriages in as many months). Corinne took my fertility concerns seriously. She was incredibly knowledgeable and was quickly able to pinpoint where she thought the problem was with certain hormone levels.

Corinne immediately sent me testing materials, and contacted me right away with the test results. Within a week I was on the treatment protocol, and we conceived our second healthy baby that month! I know this wouldn't have happened so smoothly if I hadn't seen Corinne. I will always be thankful for her part in bringing our sweet little girl into our lives.

- Heather