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Take a peek at this list of questions that have been common in the past: 

What is Naturopathic Medicine?

Wonderful question! I'm glad you asked it, because in this day and age, you need to know! Read all about Naturopathic Doctors, Naturopathic Medicine, and its principles & modalities here!

Why does the website

This website is only supported by the most current version of your computer's web browser. So if you are seeing my face super-close-up in some of the pictures, no navigation bar and broken links, you need to update your web browser. The good news is it's easy as pie. Click here to check if your browser needs updating - just select the internet browser you use (Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox, etc), and it will tell you if your version is outdated. If so, no prob. You can update it on the spot. 

Can I claim your products through insurance since you are an ND?

I have some good news and some bad news:

The bad news is, no you cannot claim fees spent here at Brownroots under your insurance plan. I wish you could! That way more people would be able to afford the health gems I sell and thus improve their health. However, according to insurance policies, you need to be an actual patient in order to put the fees under your insurance benefits. 

The good news is, this leaves you with your full allotted insurance coverage available to use with an ND in your area! This is fantastic news because you likely have insurance benefits available to you that go unused every year. Use up those benefits and receive amazing Naturopathic care! Every year, for every family member. 

Every family should have an ND as well as an MD in order to ensure balanced care over the long term.  

What if the advice you give me doesn’t work?

My goal here is to gather up all the knowledge I know about health, package it in a way that serves you, and spread the message like wildfire. My mission is to teach you all I know about health.

I am passing the torch to you and empowering you to take your health into your hands and RUN with it! 

This, of course, requires action on your part. It requires determination and dedication and discipline. It requires changing some things that have been stuck for a long time, and being open to stepping into your future self. My advice is two fold - you need to hear it, then heed it. If you don't use the advice - at all, or the way it's intended - it will not work. 

However, some people do use it - wholeheartedly and the way it's intended - and still may not see results. In which case, my recommendation - as always - is to see your family ND to have your case more fully assessed. Overall health has multiple factors to consider and your ND can find the missing piece of the puzzle. But of course, our 30-day return policy is always in place, which states: 

If you purchased a product from Brownroots, truly gave it your best shot and see zero change in your health, show us your completed work for a full money back guarantee.

I signed up for your newsletter, how come I’m not receiving emails from you yet?

Oops, there must have been a glitch somewhere along the way. You should receive an email instantly as soon as you hit the "Subscribe" button. Here's a couple of things you can do to troubleshoot:

1) Check your spam folder. You and I both know I'm not spammy, but your email provider may think I am, and mistakenly flag my communications as JUNK! Rude. If you find my email(s) in your spam, be sure to add Brownroots to your contacts, or otherwise label it as "Not Junk". Email is not in your junk folder?...

2) Ensure your email address was entered correctly with no typos. Pretty sure it was typed correctly?...

3) Not to worry - just send an email to that says: "Please add my email address to the Newsletter List". We will manually add you to the list and make sure your emails are being delivered to you! 

I have changed my mind, how do I get off the Brownroots train?

Have you decided we are not right for each other? Want off the Brownroots Newsletter List? Easy peasy. Just locate an email I have sent you by clicking "Brownroots Wellness" or "Corinne Brown" into your inbox's search bar, and click the "Unsubscribe" link at the bottom. Every communication from me includes an unsubscribe link at the bottom. Not that you will want to! 

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