You gotta do you.

This week's episode of Brownroots Babytalk is about unapologetically having a birth that makes YOU happy. 

You gotta do YOU.

If you tell people you're planning to give birth naturally, you've likely experienced lots of colourful opinions calling you crazy / brave / a hero. 

(I think you ARE a hero, btw.)

But don't let the naysayers' judgements stop you! You gotta do YOU. You have a birth goal? Reach for it no matter what anyone says. 

I believe the birth world is better off having women who spread positivity with stories of how they LOVED their birth (even if it includes an epidural or c-section), versus having women who spread negativity with stories about how much they hated their birth. 

Don't hate your birth. Prepare yourself and make it an experience you'll love.

If you're 110% committed to a natural birth, this video will give you the confidence to make you birth your OWN, which will increase the likelihood that your ideal plan will pan out. 

For example, if you don't want your mother in law in the labour room but she's insisting, then make it your PLAN to labour with just you + your partner. If you don't want her there, you won't feel comfortable enough to let go and get into your groove in labour. Which could cause your labour to slow or stall. Which could lead to intervention. Which could cause you to have a negative experience. I won't stand for it - and you shouldn't either! 

Say this: 

“I was looking forward to our birth being an intimate experience between me + [partner’s name] and I’d rather it be just us in the labour room.

You gotta do you! 

You need to set yourself up for success. WhatEVER you gotta do to make this a memory you will cherish, do that. Or at least plan for it.   

Birth and let birth. Every woman's ideal birth plan doesn't look the same, and that's okay.

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