Why Prepare for Your Birth?

It's SO important to be really READY for birth. 

Labour. Is. Hard. Work. 

Although I talk about LOVING your labour, that doesn't mean it's EASY. You won't necessarily LOVE every second of your labour. 

Loving your labour just means you're equipped. It means you're ready, you're excited, and you're able to overcome a huge challenge.

You love it because you feel proud of yourself and you've created a memory that you'll gain strength from for the rest of your life. 

You love it because it's the final, intensely bonding & loving moments between you and your partner before you meet your little baby and become parents together. 

Labour's not impossible, it's actually designed to be very manageable.

But you need to prepare yourself. Do NOT try to wing this! If a natural birth is important to you - for the health and safety of yourself and your baby...for the intimate bonding experience you can enjoy with your partner...for the deeply empowering experience you get with yourself...then you MUST get your ducks in a row to be able to cope. 

Enjoy today's episode, and keep your eye out TOMORROW for the cart to officially OPEN for enrolment in my July 9th Labour Prep LIVE Class in Burlington!