How Waterbirth Affects Bioflora

Does a waterbirth wash off the bioflora? 

Well, it looks like I’ve trained you well because so many of you have aske “What about water birth? Does the water wash off the bioflora?” 

I LOVE that you’re thinking this way! If you’re protecting baby’s bioflora from his/her first moment of life, you’re setting baby up for so much success down the road. So good for you! 

I am happy to answer this question for the whole group, because it’s such a good one, and it also allows me to incorporate TWO of my previous videos, “Don’t Wash That Baby!” and “What I Think About Waterbirth”...both of which I linked to below this week’s video. 

The bioflora is so incredibly beautiful, intricate and elegant that it’s impossible to avoid its significance. So that’s why I am over the moon that you are learning about it, paying attention to it, and helping to support & protect it. 

BUT...does having a waterbirth wash it all away?! Check out this week's episode for the answer! 

Enjoy, xo. 

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