What I think about Waterbirth

I attended my first ever home birth last week. I was starting to feel like I jinxed all the attempted homebirths I attended, but this one broke the curse! It was a wonderful experience and now I'm chalk full of inspiration (and baby fever...)

The coolest part was: not only did she have her baby at home, she had her baby in the tub! 

So in this week's episode, I cover 3 pros and 3 cons of having a Waterbirth & a water-labour.

Waterbirth is becoming more and more popular among homebirth moms. Actually, although you can't deliver in them, even some large hospitals have labour tubs because they're clearly such an important, effective comfort measure for moms who are labouring naturally.

But it wasn't all 100% perfection - as with any empowered birth choice, you must weigh the pros and the cons. So here are the pros & cons from my opinion. 

OVERALL:: I highly recommend Waterbirth!! Awesome experience for everyone involved :)