The Truth About Postpartum

Having a newborn ain’t easy. 

Neither of my postpartum periods were easy. They had peaceful, precious moments here & there...but overall it was a shitshow. 

And that’s the norm! Most postpartum periods slip into survival mode pretty quickly. And while I don’t think it’s ever really "EASY", it CAN be made easier with the proper information. 

Postpartum was tough with both my kids for different reasons, but (as with all hard times) there were pearls of wisdom in there that I can now share with you!

In today’s episode, I tell you about my postpartum experience and after spending tons of time working out the kinks of being a new mom, I have three BIG TIPS that can help dissipate the postpartum fog. 

These are the pearls I have worked hard to polish up through my own experiences. If you come back to them again and again, you’ll feel so much stronger, happier, and more present with your little one.