Trial of Labour.

Picture this:

You're 38 weeks pregnant and your doctor does an assessment and says your pelvis is too small for your baby to fit through and that you should schedule a c-section for next week. 

What would you do?

For a pregnant mama who wants to give birth naturally (like yourself!) this would be a heartbreaking conversation. An automatic c-section without even experiencing one contraction? Not getting the opportunity to labour after learning & preparing yourself so much?
It BLOWS MY MIND, but some doctors do recommend this! And their patients agree to it! Even though there's no reason for it and it benefits no one but the doctor. 

WELL, not on my watch. I am here to protect you from an automatic, unnecessary c-section robbing you of your labour experience. I'm equipping you with the important secret weapon of a T.O.L.

T.O.L. stands for Trial of Labour. If you're attempting to labour even though your birth may end in a c-section (breech baby, VBAC) then the hospital will call it a Trial of Labour. 

So now that you know the lingo, you can confidently request a T.O.L. if your doc suggests a c-section. If in fact your pelvis IS too small to birth your baby (extremely uncommon!) then you'll cross that bridge when you get to it.

Tell your doc that you've taken his/her advice into consideration and you're aware that may be the end result. But in the meantime, there are BENEFITS to going through some portion of labour that you don't want you or your baby to miss out on.

Empowered birth choices make me giddy inside! :) 

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