The Sleep Situation

If you have a fresh new baby at home, you've probably fallen asleep 3x already just in this one line of my email. Sleep deprivation is no joke, and that's why this week's episode is all about it. 

I remember it well. Being up all night. The feeling of complete and utter exhaustion. Raw nerves. Zero patience. Feeling like you might murder your partner for anything/everything. The days + nights begin bleeding into one another. A fatigue so desperately heavy you can feel it in your bones. And having a stormcloud over your head all day, dreading the fact that tonight's going to be the same gig all over again. 

You're NORMAL if you're eriously considering secretly booking a hotel room for a day or two - ALONE - just to get some friggin sleep.

The good news is that we talk ALL about new mama sleep in my NEW webinar (which you can register for here if you haven't already!) including learning WHY it's such a gong show AND some practical tips to get better quality sleep in the few hours you do get.  

But today I touch on new mama sleep as well. here's some good news and some bad news about the sleep situation in these early months, but overall...every new mom feels like a hot mess in this category, so don't feel bad at all :)