Pooping While Pushing.

Afraid you're going to poop in labour? 

Don’t be embarrassed. 

It’s totally normal to be worried about this. It’s a legit concern, no one wants to poop in front of their midwife, OB, nurses, OR their partner. Gawd.

When I was teaching the last Labour Prep Class, we were talking about fears that keep coming up as labour approaches. One of the brave souls who attended the class raised her hands and asked in front of an entire room of strangers..."What if I poop?"

I’m SO GLAD she asked that question, because I KNOW everyone else was wondering, too. In the past, women had whispered this question to me under their breath when their partner was out of earshot, or they’d come to me privately in my office, totally mortified about this possibility.

But this brave pregnant mama who attended my class just...BAM...straight-up asked.

She represented all the other moms in the room - and maybe she even represents you.

NOT TO WORRY - I answer this important question in today’s episode!

I don’t want you to worry your pretty head about it for 1 more second! 

Your body’s going to do what it’s going to do anyway, you can’t change it. I once heard it described as rolling a bowling ball over a tube of toothpaste. Sometimes it’s unavoidable.

But learning the truth about pooping in labour will help to put your mind at ease so you can get onto the important stuff - training & calming your mind for labour, aligning & preparing for your body for birth and fluffing a warm, welcoming nest for your baby to arrive home to :)