Paternal Instinct

Paternal Instinct

Is there such a thing as Paternal Instinct?

Well, we all know about the hormone fluctuations that happen to you in pregnancy, labour & postpartum, but you’re not alone. Your partner’s hormones also fluctuate during your pregnancy, labour & postpartum periods in preparation for him to become a Dad*!

Mother Nature has HARD WIRED Dads to have an interest in, affection for & obligation to your new family. SUPER cool (and heartwarming), right?

There are 3 main hormones that we’re looking at today - Oxytocin, Vasopressin and Prolactin - and once you know them, you can help to support their production to help him realize his full Paternal Instinct :) 

Enjoy! xo. 

*I totally acknowledge here that not all partners are Dads - some are Moms! Some are a partner but not the father of the baby, and some partners are not there at all. For ease of wording/reading and because this is most common, I am going to stick with the word Dad throughout but I absolutely love & include every different style of family unit. xo.