How to have a Natural Postpartum

I know you, Mama. You’re a part of my tribe because you want to minimize unnecessary medical intervention. You trust in the wisdom & magic of mother nature. You believe the body is wise and that medical intervention isn’t necessary as often as it’s used. 

Just as with labour & birth, of course medical interventions have time & place in the postpartum period, but they’re to be carefully considered one by one and not just given by default.

The medical paradigm can be scary and disempowers for new parents. Doctors talk only about worst-case-scenarios and make you believe medications and hospitals are the only way to have a safe birth or a healthy baby.

But if you understand the human infant body and what it needs, you’ll know that newborn interventions can be spaced out or skipped altogether and instead you can choose holistic, natural treatments & supportive alternatives. 

If left entirely up to your doctor, baby receives several POTENT medications that disrupt baby's development in the first 3 months of life - even if s/he's perfectly healthy & normal! Don’t they know babies are born perfect?! 

So if the traditional medical paradigm doesn’t resonate with you as a new mama, you’re not alone. Check out this week’s video and stay tuned for my upcoming postpartum program that will solve all your New Mama questions & concerns. 

Enjoy, xo.