MOOooOOvements in Labour

If you tune-in and listen to your body in labour, the one thing it’ll SCREAM at you is: MOVE! 

That's why in this week’s episode of Brownroots Babytalk I give you some ideas for movement options in labour.

(Fun & exciting: I have a BELLY in this video AND my hubster makes a little cameo appearance :) 

 Movement in labour has many AMAZING benefits, like:

  • giving you a rhythm to focus on to follow your breath along with, to keep you present and pull you through the contraction,
  • the physical benefit of movement is enormous! Shift your pelvis back & forth in labour helps to wiggle baby down onto your cervix,
  • and the pain relief achieved by moving the pelvis itself is enough reason to do it during every single contraction. 

Laying down during your labour usually makes the pain bubble up & boil over into OVERWHELM and PANIC. But this week's specific, strategic, targeted movements help keep the edge off the pain so it never gets unbearable. 

Some of the things from today's episode won’t make sense to you until you’re in labour, but when you get there and the pain is boiling over and is too much to handle, try these movements!!  

This is an awesome labour management tool. Don’t miss out on the benefits of movement in labour to help minimize pain and maximize your smooth & efficient birth.

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