Maternal Instinct

Mothers instinctually nurture & protect their babies.

You may not know how to hold/burp/swaddle a baby on day 1 of motherhood, but one thing that you for sure will know how to do: protect your baby. 

That's called Maternal Instinct, and I'm here today to remind you that you 100% have it. Anything that is this critical to survival is going to be hard-wired into our bodies, it's INSTINCT. 

Lots of people will love your baby, but no one (not even your partner!) shares your maternal instinct. No one else will learn every nuance of your baby & come to learn what it means. No one else will have a visceral reaction every time baby cries. No one else will explode into full beast mode MAMA SWAN (explanation in the video) if baby's in any perceived danger. 

Holding, burping & swaddling...details. You'll figure it out as you go. But the vitally important stuff, like keeping your baby alive & safe, you got this. Maternal Instinct FTW! 

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