Masturbation in Labour?!

Masturbation in Labour

Taboo topic? Sure is! But that will never stop me.

If there's something (ANYTHING!) out there that'll help you achieve your natural birth, I'm going to share it with you. I'll trade ME feelng a little silly for YOU feeling a lot empowered every single time.

Now, you might be thinking to yourself...“masturbating is the last thing I want to do in labour!”

But hear me out. if you want to achieve a natural birth & prevent interventions, you want as many tricks up your sleeve as you can fit!

And I’ll admit - masturbation’s not the easiest thing to do with a bunch of people around. In fact, it actually won’t even work for you're not able to relax and focus. Just like masturbating any other time, you need some private alone time to make the magic happen!

Even if you don’t necessarily climax but it's still pleasurable, ALL the same benefits still totally apply. WHICH benefits you ask? They're all discussed over in this week’s episode!