Induction Options

...& alternatives to Pitocin

"The Sledgehammer" is my pet name for Pitocin, the induction method of choice in hospital these days. It's the drug that shoves you off a cliff into labour whether you're ready or not. The drug that's at the root of so many women's negative & traumatic birth experiences. 

Part of my mission is to lower to rates of Pitocin induction & augmentation. Period. And this video goes a long way to show you that if you are educated and empowered (ahem, get ready to speak up for what you want, ladies!) that you have options in your birth...

If you've tried every natural induction technique known to woman, yet you're still pregnant and a medical induction is looming, this week's video is for YOU. You're 42wks and your doctor is saying time's up...don't go straight to the sledgehammer!

If you must be induced, strike a deal with the doc and request the gentler induction techniques (which are discussed in this episode) FIRST. 

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