Good luck with that...

This week's episode was inspired by not one, but THREE ladies (in the same week!) posting in the Love Your Labour community feeling discouraged about their birth plan. And it was NOT their own negative self talk saying they couldn't do it. It was the people they trusted the most (friends, family, doctor) saying they couldn't do it.

But not straight out like that...most of them actually said the words "Good luck with that".

What could be more upsetting and disempowering than knowing your support system doesn't have your back?

We've all been there...someone asks about your birth story, you tell them you're planning to give birth naturally, and cue the onslaught of advice & comments. Except it's the kind that are unwelcome, unrequested, and unhelpful to your pre-labour state of mind.

I devote my heart & soul to teaching you how to have an iron-clad mindset and train your brain for a successful natural labour. So needless to say, I get rattled when people come in and muck it all up!

So watch this video, and learn to let it roll off your back. Next time someone says "Good luck with that", recall this video, SMILE and say "Thank you very much!" :)

Enjoy, xo.