Fears of Motherhood

Your postpartum experience has a lot to do with your mental health, which has a lot to do with your MINDSET. Your mindset manages your fears. So what are you focusing on? 

Are you focusing on the fears of motherhood? All the worries and what-ifs? Are you afraid of what could go wrong, or worried what people will think? Are you stressing over everything left and right? If so, then you’re spending your precious postpartum moments stewing unnecessarily. 

Just accept it. It’s a shit show. It is what it is! Focus on the positive... because it’s also VERY fun. How cute is your baby, honestly?! These are some of the most magical moments of your life. You can’t believe you created this lil thing. The toes. The nose. THE SMELL. The love you feel is overwhelming in the best way. It’s demanding right now, but you expected this while you work out the kinks together. You're doing awesome. And getting better every day. 

See how much more pleasant that feels?! It’s all about how you train your mind to cope with the fears and how you either talk yourself into OR out of them. 

Down with fear, new mama! You got this ;) 

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