A New Brown Baby!

No, I'm not pregnant again.

That's not to say I don't WISH I was pregnant these days with all the belly envy and newborn crushes I've got going on over here. But then I spend the wee hours of each day soothing a teething baby and it helps subside that desire - for a little bit longer :) 

But it was not for not! That title still got you to open this blog post! It's an important one today, so I'm glad you're here. 

If you have been scoping out my website or social media in the last couple days, you may have seen something a little different. Notice anything? 

Although it looks almost the same otherwise, my logo and business have changed ever so slightly...

Brownroots Wellness is now officially named Brownroots Baby! 

Exciting, I know! But this change isn't happening overnight. There will be some overlap where the name Brownroots Wellness will still be spotted from time to time. I expect to roll out the new branding over the next four weeks. 

This is a big step for me - Brownroots Wellness has served me well (six years together!) but as my business + I (we are one in the same, really) continually evolve in the direction of bellies, babies + motherhood, I felt the need to put a finer point on it and be really CLEAR about what I'm up to from the second you hear my business name.

Because really...it's all about clarity isn't it?

The more I learn about business, money, relationships, personal development, goal setting, parenting, or communication of any kind...it all needs clarity to work properly. Transparency. Being honest, up front, and true to that little voice inside. 

That's what this change to Brownroots Baby represents for me. 

BUT, even though the name is changing and most of my new content will be belly/baby/mama focused, ALL of my old health + wellness NDtv episodes that don't have to do with babies (but are still totally applicable and FUN!) are all fully accessible on my website - 

The blog section has been divided up into Babytalk and Healthtalk so you can easily find what you're looking for. 

If you want a chuckle, check out some of the old NDtv episodes! 

And let me be the first to welcome you to the new + improved Brownroots Baby :)