Breast Expectations.

As World Breastfeeding Week winds down, I want to do my part to help you figure out breastfeeding BEFORE baby comes in order to boost your chances of success. 

I'd say most women hope to breastfeed, but the majority of them go into it blind (much like labour) without any idea of how they can help themselves be successful. 

With labour, "going in blind" means you have no coping mechanisms to handle the intensity of contractions and you end up with an epidural. 

With breastfeeding, "going in blind" means you have no clue how breastfeeding works, assume your body failed didn't make milk and you end up introducing formula. 

For the record, there's nothing WRONG with an epidural or formula - you gotta do you. But if you WANT to breastfeed or have a natural birth, they're just not ideal. They're not your goal. 

Don't go in blind - watch today's episode to set the proper Breast Expectations and kick off your breastfeeding experience with a great latch and strong milk supply! 

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