Bonding with Baby.

The early moments of your baby's life are SUPER important. Bonding with your baby as soon as possible is imperative for baby's comfort, wellbeing, breastfeeding success, and your postpartum period together. 

Think of your baby's experience - s/he goes from being inside a nice cozy dark warm safe belly to enduring an intense labour and then is pushed out into the freezing cold world, bright lights and a whole lot of unfamiliarity. 

Ideally you have an uncomplicated natural birth and baby is able to go right onto your chest and bonding begin within seconds. But if we're being realistic - it may not work out perfectly like that. 

Both of my babies had to be whisked away by the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) immediately after birth; Rowan because there had been meconium in the fluid and he was born by c-section, and Harvey because we had an extended pushing phase and he wasn't breathing right away (frickin terrifying). 

So they both saw, heard, and felt a LOT of poking, prodding, machines, voices, lights before they saw/felt/heard me. Which broke my heart, but it was in the interest of their safety & wellbeing. 

But as soon as you get the all-clear and baby IS safely in your arms, you want to focus on THESE main points to ensure baby knows that you're its mama, its home, and that it's safe and sound with you. 

Here's today's episode all about how to maximize on those crucial initial moments when you're meeting and bonding with your brand new lil baby.


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