Benefits to Your Baby.

Why your baby wants you to have a natural birth.

Even if you haven't given birth yet, you already have instincts that guide you toward the safest, healthiest choices for your baby’s health. You're lookin' out for the lil munchkin! Your brain is already automatically defaulting to baby’s wellbeing. This is the maternal instincts ramping up and getting ready for baby to be on the outside. 

Your curiosity or desire to give birth without interventions is an instinct. We need to trust and hone that instinct, because guess why - it’s what’s best for the baby. 

Welcome to motherhood - it's all about the baby! 

There are significant benefits to the baby when s/he is born vaginally and I discuss the big picture in this episode. You’ll see, yet again, that mother nature is flawless in orchestrating the labour, birth & breastfeeding process. 

In today's episode, in less than 5 minutes, I outline exactly why your baby & your body want you to kick it au natural on your labour day.

Oh and ps - I didn’t even TOUCH on the benefits of avoiding an epidural - that’s a whole other episode for a whole other day :) 

Did you learn anything new? If so, let me know in the comments below! 

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