3 big birth lessons.

What I've learned 

from attending women in birth. 

It's sad but true: sometimes birth gets a bad wrap. It's regarded as a painful, miserable, pointless and unavoidable torture that women are cursed with the doom of enduring if they want to make babies. Which is completely true...IF that's how you decide to look at it going into your labour. 

But it doesn't have to be that way!

Lesson #1:

I have learned that everything in life is about perspective. It's ALL about how you frame it. 

Labour IS GOING to happen. Now what are you going to do about it?
Avoid, dread & HATE it? Or learn, train & LOVE it.

(I recommend the latter.)

Negative thoughts, feelings, and fears are self-fulfilling prophecies. If you're bitter about your impending birth, you'll have a miserable go of it. If you're open to the beauty and the wonder and the power of it all - you'll have a truly magical experience. 

Lesson #2: 

I have learned it's a good idea to really love your birth because you'll relive it over and over. 

Pregnancy & birth connect women on a very profound level. Mommy competition and petty judgements aside, moms are generally very loving, understanding, and supportive of one another. Any mother can (and will!) instantly bond with any other mom about the love for their children, the joys (and blahs) of pregnancy - and, their birth. 

For example, just last week, in line at my favourite coffee shop, one of the ladies working there asked me when I was due. Welllll, that was it. We talked for a solid 5 minutes about our birth experiences. We don't know each other at all, but we have both been through b-i-r-t-h...and we live to gab about it. 

And gab you will. If this is NOT your first rodeo: honestly, how many times have you told your birth story?! And if this IS your first birth: trust me, you will tell your birth story a gazillion times.

Lesson #3: 

I have learned that my labour preparation process really works, across a variety of birth scenarios. 

You have a lot more influence over the progress & outcome of your birth than you may think. To teach you how to positively affect your labour, I've taken the knowledge I gained from clinic while treating prenatal women and packaged it. I have developed a 4-week labour preparation program called "Love Your Labour: 4 Weeks to a Magical Birth" to help women create & control their own beautiful birth experience. 

Every one of the Naturopathic Labour Prep & Doula patients I worked with entered their labour with the mindset that it was a positive experience; an opportunity for growth as an individual & a couple. 

My love and enthusiasm for labour rubbed off on them and they got inspired. I get seriously contagiously lit UP when I'm teaching women how to L-O-V-E their birth - to claim it as something that will be tough BUT transformational, spiritual, empowering and beautiful.

And all the childbirth education and labour preparation I did with my patients worked. I cannot think of one patient who reported a negative birth experience. I can recall only maybe 1 mom who required a c-section.

I received countless positive, blissful, grateful birth testimonials and referrals from past patients. I remain in contact with many of my doula and labour prep patients to this day. (There goes birth making women deeply connected again...)