Birth gave me the ITCH!

I'm baaaaaaack!

Holy moly, long time no blog post! I'll explain...

I have taken some time off work. Like way off. Really worked to put it to the back of my mind and give some TLC to other areas of my life, like my family and my home. But I was not all loungin' by the pool with my feet up all summer (although my sad, swollen feet were "up" from time to time).

I was nesting. I was doing the work to prepare for my little one.

It was a different way to spend my days than I'm used to running Brownroots - and it was downright lovely. 

One month after my last blog post, my my husband & I welcomed our second baby, little Harvey Brown, into our family. So while I was away from this work, I was doing the work of giving birth to a little human:

  • I prepared for four weeks leading up to the birth (The Love Your Labour Program)
  • I had a two-week visit with my mother who basically waited on me hand and foot and played with my very active 3 year old (thanks mom!) 
  • I had a fantastic birth experience (birth story post coming soon!!)
  • I relearned how to breastfeed (SO much easier second time around)
  • I fell in love with infancy again (oh god, the magic and potential of it all. I could bawl right now) 
  • I healed and recovered and rejuvenated (birth is hard work!) 
  • And, I am once again totally baffled by the human female body. (I still shake my head in amazement) 

I have loved this time off. It was necessary in order to allow space for a new person in our home and hearts. There are new family dynamics to adjust to. Two tired parents. Brothers. KidS. Life! LOVE. 

But now...I'm feeling ready to get back at it. Rowan begins school (JK!) in two weeks. Harvey is starting to settle into a routine through the day - which yes, I know will change, but it's encouraging nonetheless. Dedicated work-time is on the horizon! I can see it! I can smell it. I can feel it. And it itches. 

I've got the itch!!!

While I was in baby mode, I wasn't thinking about guest posting or interviews or presentations. I wasn't having blog or video ideas pop into my head. I wasn't having the urge to listen to business podcasts or webinars. 

But now...I am. All things Brownroots are seeping back into my brain, like a slow drip at first but now it's a pretty steady stream. I'm ready to CREATE! 

There are some super exciting things happening in the near future, and I can't wait to get back in the saddle and kick up the gears again in my biz.