MINDShift Your Labour Mindset

Science + Soul.

With my NDtv episodes, I strive to use my Naturopathic/Doula knowledge + experience to combine the science with the soul of birth. With the NDtv interviews, I am strategically interviewing individuals whose expertise fleshes out these topics I think you need to hear about.  

This week I am interviewing two friends of mine, Yashar and Ayla Khosroshahi, a dynamic brother + sister team who have a company called MINDSHIFT Ninja. They are an ideal interview because their teachings combine the science with the soul of mindfulness.

They have struck a perfect balance between neuroscience, personal development, psychology and spirituality. And their super smart tips are so useful in labour + birth.

Mind over labour.

This interview with MINDSHIFT Ninja is the first of a three-part series. This week they are discussing Mindset in Labour.

Specifically, they discuss pain.

Pain is the #1 fear when it comes to labour + birth. It's all the unknowns - how it will feel, what it means, and how to cope. But did you know that how you experience pain (or any undesirable situation, really) is up to you? 

You have control over your perception of pain and suffering. 

Want to learn how? Of course you do! It's seriously good stuff. You don't want to miss this week's episode. 

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