Ooh Babydaddy!

Today's NDtv is going to be a bit different...

Have you ever wondered about the point of view of a birth partner? I have! And I am so glad I asked mine to let me record our conversation! :)

I wrote all about Harvey's birth from MY perspective last week on the blog.

To follow along with that, this week's interview comes from my husband, Kyle, on HIS perspective of Harvey's birth and being my labour support person.

Being the birth junkie I am, you might imagine there would be overwhelming pressure on Kyle to be my "moula" - or man-doula, as he liked to be called. But he took it on with gusto! He was so surefire confident that he would rock it - and he did. 

He credits his confidence and competence in labour to the Love Your Labour© program.

Be sure to check out today's episode of NDtv, and at the end Kyle gives 3 pieces of advice to the birth partners out there! 

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