Learn to speak labour's language.

One of my huge passions is teaching pregnant women (+ their partners!) how to understand the pain, re-frame and re-purpose it, and learn practical tools to use in labour to help cope with it. 

A huge part of birthing naturally is understanding the body and what it's communicating to you! So many of the body's messages, ESPECIALLY in labour, are all too often misinterpreted or suppressed.

The pain associated with labour is not pointless and torturous. It has a purpose! Labour is an intricate symphony of hormones. Nothing is wasteful or unnecessary.

Your birth is your job.

What I mean is - your EMPOWERED birth is your job.

Learning your options in birth is your job.

It is your job to do some research into the kind of birth you want to have. Know the facts about all the possible scenarios and choices you make.

Once you set a goal for your ideal birth, then you can do some work to prepare for it, all of which increases your chances of achieving it. 

You only get to give birth a few births in your life. Make it great. 

Your Birth Preparation is as much a part of your prenatal job as quality food, rest, exercise, supplements + visiting your baby doctor.

Your birth is a journey.

Just as with any goal you set, your ideal birth requires a plan, a strategy and ongoing attention. Achieving your birth is a journey, not an eventual destination. 

Your birth is not something to start thinking about at 39 weeks + 5 days. Don't wish of hopefully having your dream birth. Starting today (or ideally by 34 weeks), take action toward consciously preparing for your birth.

What can you do today that will positively impact your birth? LOTS! 

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Your birth is about more than just you.

How would you feel if you could single-handedly shift the health of your children? Grandchildren? Great-grandchildren? Pretty powerful stuff. Well, research says you can. 

Science is exploding with the importance of our human microbiome and how crucial that bacteria is to human health - even impacting generations that come after you. Germaphobes out there, listen up - bugs are good, and we want them all over us ASAP! 

Like, before we even take one single breath, bugs. And that bacterial inoculation impacts your baby's health in a plethora of ways, for his/her entire life. 

Natural birth is the best way to hook your baby up with some of your stellar bioflora. Not sure what the bioflora is all about? Check out my NDtv episode about it HERE.