Coco's Favourite Things

Ever wondered what a Naturopathic Doctor & Labour Doula would recommend you have to support your pregnancy, natural birth & postpartum experience? Well wonder no more. 

Consider this page your Birth Concierge. 

I love the Birth Concierge because it allows me to highlight all sorts of pregnancy & newborn items that I love. 

Some Of My Favourites 

The Miracle Ball Method for pregnancy

I talk in my Doula Bag video about using tennis balls on the lower back for back labour or to apply pressure. These balls are made specifically for this purpose and have just the right about of weight and texture to relieve even the worst back pain in labour. 



The Business of Being Born 

This documentary by Ricki Lake is a must-see for anyone who wants to give birth naturally, especially in a hospital. It's my favourite birth film because it highlights the history of birth, shows how natural birth & midwifery got a bad wrap, and outlines why the medical model is not always safest or healthiest for mom & babe. 

Belly Cast

I am so doing this with my next belly! I didn't realize how much I'd miss my belly or how much the idea of it would seem surreal once I wasn't pregnant anymore. This is a fun one for the artsy & craftsy mamas in the crowd. 

Portable fan for labour

AMAZING to have in labour. And attaches to your phone! Contractions are hard work and you are often hot even if you're buck naked. Be prepared and snag one of these guys to keep you cool while you work to meet your baby.

Knee Pads 

An excellent idea to have some of these for the labour room. Hands & knees position is amazing for labouring, pushing, and resting, but the knees get very tired. Strap these babies on and you're good to go! 

Diva Cup

We all know tampons are terrible for our health, right? Go au natural once your period returns with the Diva Cup! It's a washable, reusable menstrual cup that is significantly more comfortable, economical, and eco-friendly than other traditional sanitary products. 

Medicinal Teas 

Pregnancy Tea

A really nice pregnancy support tea for when you're craving something hot but want to avoid caffeine in coffee or tea. 

Rasp Tea

The Uterine Tonic that I recommend as a part of the Love Your Labour program. This tea will help to strengthen your uterus to ensure good strong contractions when you're in labour. 



Milk Tea

The Mother's Milk tea is full of galactagogue herbs that will help boost milk production anytime you're low, or to help bring it in after baby arrives. This tea will support you in having a long, successful breastfeeding relationship with your baby for as long as you like. 

Birth Goddess Books

Birthing From Within

This is my #1 absolute favourite labour preparation book. I read it *twice* while preparing for my own labour, and read the relevant parts aloud to my husband. It's not intense reading, which makes it easy to read and absorb this very important information. Each chapter is short, so 1 or 2 chapters before bed or while dinner is cooking isn't out of the question! It is empowering and powerful, with hands-on techniques to help you prepare for, and cope with, labour pains. This book helped me immensely.

Ina May's Guide to Childbirth 

Or anything by Ina May!

Ina May Gaskin is the mother of modern midwifery. I have been lucky enough to meet her in person, and seen her speak. She believes whole heartedly in a woman's body's ability to birth a baby. It's what it's made to do. We have been doing it since the beginning of time, and she is a firm believer that the birthing process has been hijacked by modern medicine. She was involved in the establishment of a self-sustaining co-operative community in Tennessee known as "The Farm", and she was the midwife who delivered everyone's babies and trained other women to be midwives as well. Pregnant women now go to the farm solely to have their babies in an environment that is supportive and knowledgeable in natural birth. Her cesarean rate on the farm is less than 2% - a drastic difference from the hospital average of 25% in Canada, with some hospitals as high as 75%!!! I couldn't decide between her two most popular books so I have included both. These books are must-reads if you have any doubts or concerns that your body is capable of delivering a baby healthfully, naturally, and vaginally. 

From the Hips

What I like about this book is it explores all possible birth scenarios, the pros and cons from an objective point of view. That is exactly what expecting mothers are looking for. Unless they are firmly set in their resolve for a specific birth plan, they're just looking to check out their options. There are a few books that cover birth options from all angles, but this is one of my faves. If you like the idea of a natural birth but would like to know what else is out there - or want to be prepared incase that doesn't work out, like in my case - this book is for you. 

What to eat...

This is why I gave you the 3rd Trimester Meal Plan, right? Because energy and inspiration go out the window in the last trimester-ish of pregnancy (or mine, anyway). It's always nice to have pregnancy-specific recipes on hand so you know you & babe are getting the most bang for your buck. 

How to Heal a Bad Birth

Guys, this is so important. I touched on it in an email I sent, but that's probably not going to be adequate if you find yourself dealing with a traumatic birth experience. If you had/have a "bad birth", please get this book. It helps you to process your feelings and emotions, and not carry around the deep wound that a traumatic birth can bring. 

For Hip Modern Kiddos


My kids have never had these! But I always think the kids that do have them are super cool. So I'm recommending them for your little one. They're awesome for the drooly phase of teething (some kids teethe forevvvvver) or the spitty-uppy phase of newbornhood. 


THIS is why I need to have a little girl. How cute are these?! Not quite as delicate as the little bows and flowers, these are more for everyday cruisin' around, bein' a kid. As I say with almost all little girl clothes these days...I'd wear that! 

Your baby's first word will be dada

Because Jimmy Fallon. 

Happiest Baby on the Block

Okay this book really works. It's like magic. I also have the DVD. It's all about how to soothe your baby in the first 3 months by simulating the conditions in the womb. It works 100% of the time on the DVD, and I'd say a solid 90% of the time in my own personal experience. This one's worth a read. 

diaper BAG

Holy convenient, batman! And convenience is clutch when you have a squirmy poopy baby and only 2 hands.


I cannot even fathom how much money we've saved by using cloth diapers for 2 kids. We paid $600 for more diapers than we'd ever need, and we're in love with them still. Disposable diapers are expensive! Not to mention the chemicals, the unnecessary waste going to landfills...reduce, reuse & recycle, baby! 

Diaper detergent 

You can't just wash your diapers with regular ol' Tide. You need special diaper detergent and proper rinsing/washing instructions. There's a gazillion videos on YouTube for instructions, but this is the detergent we use and love it.