Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child by Dr. Marc Weissbleuth M.D.

Oh my goodness, I have easily referred this book to a thousand people! Okay, I'm an exaggerator, but it wouldn't be far off to say 100. It has saved my butt time and time again, and I attribute my son's amazing sleep habits to this book's principles. It appeals to the biologist in me: it is densely scientific, but also well-explained in lay terms for easy comprehension. It outlines the distinct need for sleep in babies, and how it is absolutely imperative to children's overall health to create an organized sleep schedule for children three months and older. It discusses the neurological and biochemical changes and requirements at each developmental stage and how that should look in terms of a sleep schedule. I have returned to this book so often, and I am always impressed - but by now, not surprised - at how bang-on it is and how well my son's sleep, behaviour, mood all fall into place once he was getting adequate rest for his age. I could literally talk for hours about this book...if you have or are having babies - get it! 

Jack Newman's Guide To Breastfeeding by Dr. Jack Newman M.D.

I am so honoured to say that I was lucky enough to precept with Dr. Jack Newman while I was studying to be an N.D. in Toronto. His lactation consulting clinic is located inside the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine - and rightfully so. They could not be a more appropriate fit. Breastmilk is well-known to be, by far, the absolute best nutrition for infants and is also beneficial for mom. My general rule when I was working closely with pregnant moms was to educate educate educate. We discussed the anatomy and physiology of breastfeeding, the biochemistry of breastmilk, how to achieve proper latch, mechanics of milk production, what to expect and what NOT to expect while navigating the world of breastfeeding. Jack Newman is a breastfeeding pioneer and is world renowned for his breastfeeding knowledge and unwavering support for breastfeeding moms. This is a must-have book for all new moms' libraries. 

Homeopathy for Mother and Baby by Miranda Castro

Homeopathy is one of the modalities that Naturopathic Doctors use regularly. It has many skeptics because it is a form of energetic medicine, which some call placebo. However it works, it works. I know from first hand experience that Homeopathy is a powerful tool, which is simultaneously gentle and effective. It is especially helpful in pregnancy and postpartum/breastfeeding mothers, when little other medications are safe. The same is true for infants and young babies when medication for certain concerns or conditions is contraindicated, unavailable or deemed unsafe by the parents. It is a profoundly effective medicine in infants and children when used correctly, because their energy is so vital and free-flowing. This book will help guide your use of Homeopathy, and then trust me - you will be a lifelong fan. 

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