Well hello there! 

I'm Corinne Brown, 
Labour Doula & Mom of 2
with a background in
Naturopathic Medicine

and I work with moms like you who want to give birth naturally.

I give you the tools to prime your mind + body for labour, while making it easier to cope with contractions so you can have a smooth & efficient birth.

I’m on a mission to help women learn how to labour naturally and to lower the rates of induction, epidural & c-section on a global scale.

Medical Interventions in labour & birth are not necessary as often as they're used, and I help women learn how to avoid them. 

Your birth is important to me.

what else is important to me? 

When I'm not hosting my weekly webinars or shooting + editing my video blogs, I'm a stay-at-home-mom with my kids, watching in disbelief as they grow up in a blink. I can usually be found hiking with my dog, dancing over-enthusiastically to some sweet jams on Google Play, or catching up on my favie Netflix series with the hubster. Mindy Project anyone? Brooklyn 99? Sharing a laugh together is the perfect way to end another busy day with the kiddos & work. 

But my mind is never far from my mission. A portion of every dollar spent here at Brownroots gets donated to a project that's very near & dear to my heart. 

Every Mother Counts is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to making birth healthy & safe for mothers everywhere. 

My first birth broke my heart.

I was getting ready to give birth for the first time. I felt ready and knew it'd be easy. My mom, aunts, grandmothers, cousins all had fast, intense, natural births. So that’s what I was expecting I would have, right??

Turns out (no pun intended) he was breech, which resulted in an ambulance ride to the hospital and 12 more hours later - an eventual c-section. 

As a Labour Doula and a Prenatal Naturopath (at the time), I had spent years helping SO many other women to have a natural birth, and yet I couldn’t do it myself.

Insert broken heart here...

Eventually I decided I needed to figure out how find something positive in all of this. I noticed my anxiety felt better when I began re-reading notes, research, texts about how to prepare for a smooth & efficient labour.

I compiled all the information and I created a system that women could follow to to prepare themselves for a natural birth.

I put hundreds of patients through the system. I coached them, I counselled them, I trained them how to cope...

and their births absolutely *sparkled*

I put myself (and my husband) through this system with our 2nd pregnancy, and when the big day came, we were READY.

I had a 14 hr all-natural VBAC - the biggest accomplishment of my life

and I can help you do it, too!

Want to know more about me? 

Here are 5 fun facts you may not know about me: 

  1. The Love Your Labour© program is not the first program I ever created! I also have a Smoothie Guide, a 21day Detox Program, Top 10 Health Hacks e-book and a Sugar Shakedown 3day Sugar Cleanse. 
  2. I wanted to be a marine biologist when I was little. I was / still am obsessed with dolphins - they're my spirit animal :)  
  3. I'm a Libra and am very sensitive to being out of balance. I'm a peacekeeper and LOVE a good compromise. I also married a Libra so our home is pretty peaceful and wonderful :) 
  4. Though I'm no longer a Naturopathic Doctor I'm still here to teach the importance of understanding & working with your body. Especially in labour! I'm here as a public educator, creating a tribe of women who love their labours. 
  5. Lastly, I deeeeeply believe in the Universe, divine order, fate, destiny...I'm a diligent Yogi and love my practice of meditation & connecting to my truest, highest self. 

Want to learn how I can help you give birth naturally? 

Here's what to do: 

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Natural Labour Preparation for a Smooth & Efficient Birth

It's totally free and discusses how to train your mind, body & baby for a labour you LOVE.

Mamas love Brownroots! 

One of the qualities I love so much about Brownroots is how modern it is. Today's hip, modern mamas are answering emails, cruising blogs & checking social media on their phones & laptops. And that's also where you find me!

In 2014, I closed my clinical practice and now I run my business entirely online so I can help women everywhere learn how to achieve their ideal birth. 

We can connect and talk birth no matter where you are in the world!

In recognition of my non-traditional business & (former) Naturopathic practice, in 2015 I was recognized as #5 on The Top 43 Innovative Practitioners to Follow Into 2016, as reported by the Naturopathic Doctor Development Center - such an honour! :) 

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