The 21day Detox & Why it's Wonderful!

#1) Structure

The 21day Detox is a clear, structured plan created by a Naturopathic Doctor. There are specific how-to steps to prepare you for the detoxing process, and clear guidance on how to execute the detox, week-by-week - including a 21day Meal Plan. As well, something that makes this particular detox program unique is it incorporates aspects Traditional Chinese Medicine into it’s structure giving it a very holistic, balanced feel.

#2) Sequence

The 21day Detox is intentionally laid out to detoxify your Organs of Elimination in the correct order. Certain organs are easier to detox and more effective than others. By detoxing in a specific order, you put less strain on the rest of the organs and maximize the benefits of your detox.

#3) Convenience

The 21day Detox is all done for you! No thinking required - it’s all in one place and very user friendly. We worked very hard to make it streamlined and digestible (no pun intended!).  

#4) Knowledge

The 21day Detox places a large emphasis on education. One of my biggest goals is teaching people how their bodies work. Each module is equipped with a short physiology video, called Detox pathways to help clarify exactly what’s happening in there, and why we want to support that process.

#5) Motivation

The 21day Detox comes complete with a Progress Tracker and Accountability Sheet for each module to help keep you motivated and on track. It also outlines how to create a support network whilst completing the challenge to help keep you accountable and feeling loved. And of course, if you have concerns or issues at all, Customer Support is always here for you.


You have lifelong access! This is not something you purchase once and you’re done with it. You purchase this program, and it’s yours to keep. For life. You can complete it the recommended 2 times year, or whenever you feel like it’s time to detox again. But this purchase is an investment in your current and long-term health! 

Enjoy a step-by-step guide to quickly remove harmful toxins from your body & rebalance your health just like I did when I was at my sickest point with Crohn's disease.

You Will Learn: 

  • Why store-bought detox kits may not be your best bet

  • Your #1 all-time best detox tool

  • The must-have outlook for detoxing properly

  • Which herbs & supplements support safe detoxing

  • & much, much more!

You Will Get:

  • 21day Detox Meal Plan

  • ALL the lifestyle tips & tricks you need. to. know. 

  • A Get-Started-Guide to set you up for success

  • & more

If detoxing is something you are considering - especially if you've never done one before - this is absolutely the program for you!